Crayon and Human

Each crayon in a box of colouring set has its own colour.
Every single one of it.
There is no exception one to another.

Crayon and Human

Each stick has its own colour as well as its own job.
And in order to create an exquisite picture of scenery, an artist would need mostly every colour suited with the picture.

So, the green one will mostly go the grass or trees. The blue one will go right with the sky or the water. And so on.

It comes just like a living.

Human is created with his/her own ‘colour’.
Every single one.
No exception.

Every human being has his/her own ‘colour’ and part of ‘scenery’ to complete.

There is no way that one human can replace another one. He/she got his/her own ‘part’.

Let’s complete our ‘part’ and make the best out of it. 🙂


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