Candi Prambanan Part Deux

I took plenty of photos of Candi Prambanan so here are some more I’d like to share with you.

20121005-073007 AM.jpg

So this is one of the big big statues inside the candi. When you climb up the stairs in each candi, on top of that, you’ll find a chamber with a statue in it. This is one of those statues that i managed to capture. It’s pitch dark in there. And i didn’t dare to take any more pictures of the statue because I respect them. Respect? I don’t think so, Jon. Oh ok, lemme be blunt here. They are really old and ancient so I believe they are too big to be contained in a photo. But this statue that I captured was interesting because it has 4 faces, it represented 4 elements of the earth. And the local belief is that it will bring fertility to a woman who touches 1 particular part of it.

20121005-073808 AM.jpg

20121005-073818 AM.jpg

20121005-073833 AM.jpg

I was in complete awe there. Well, looking at all the details. And the fact that it’s built around 9th century impressed me even more. Ancient people with no technology like we have today but they managed to build them.


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