About Me

Hi there!

I appreciate you coming by. You might be brought here by a search engine or links or friends. Whatever it is, enjoy your time here. I believe in the term “using your time wisely, might as well invest in it” (Yeah, I made up the other part) and I guarantee you, you won’t lose any of your precious time scrolling through this very blog.

Ask someone what he thinks of himself and you might get silly and really subjective answers on how that person wants to be recognized or at least he thinks he is.

So, I am just gonna refer to what my friends are saying about me (or at least I try to remember). Here we go:

A friend said that I am a geek that thankfully doesn’t look like one. I love gadgets, technology stuffs. I can’t live without Internet.

Then some said that I am good with words and good in expressing myself (hence the blog, right? This is my therapy).

A majority knows that I like pranking people, joking and at the same time being sarcastic (yeah, I know how annoying it would be. That’s why I like it).

If something Frenchy come up, my friends will rush to me. I am crazy over the country, the culture (oui, je parle francais) and the women (who doesn’t like to see those chic French woman?)

And I can’t live without music, film and my God, Jesus. Don’t worry, won’t give any preach (if it ain’t Sunday)

Yes, it’s a really long introduction. I know. So, without further ado, enjoy your time!




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