Why Worry?


I think “worry” is a very common thing that happens in our lives.

I too worry, like a lot.

Recently, I spent way too much time worrying things I should not. It ate me up from within. No matter what I was doing, I’d worry about some things. No hearty laugh, just a hesitant smile here and there to complement the situation I was in. It’s hard to live every single day in that phase. I know you know this, too.

We’d worry about work or our career, we’d worry about our financial situation, we’d worry about the relationship we are in, we’d worry about our family members, we’d worry about our health, we’d worry about so many things. But you know what?

No matter what kind of worry that we have, all of them have 1 similarity. It’s about what the future holds for us. We are scared of that tunnel ahead of us. Be it professionally, financially or personally.

I thank God for His constant guidance and unceasing love for me. Despite all of the messiness in my head, He reminded me of something very essential and I want to share this with you, putting aside what your belief system is.

Be grateful for where you are now.

Remember that one time when you saw something in you and you decided to follow your heart to pursue something despite what your friends said. And then here you are today with the skills/knowledge/money you have way beyond your peers.

Remember that one time that you felt so lonely because you could not relate to anyone. You felt you were weird and out of place. And then here you are today, later in life, seeing all the dots being connected for good deeds.

Remember that one time few years back when you were out there looking for a job. What are the odds that you got the job even though you knew you were not even be able to compete with other highly qualified candidates. But, you got the job!

Remember that one time.

Remember where you were before you are here now, in front of a screen reading this.

We sometimes focus too much on what is to come. We spend way too much time on that instead of pondering the goodness and blessings we have had before.

Let’s say we start the day by thanking God for where we are today, I am sure we will worry less. Why? Because we’d push ourselves to remember the good deeds He had done for us and we’d know that He has taken good care of us for so long that we even made it here!

With all of that in our mind, why do you think He would stop caring for us?

We are in good hands. God is in control. 🙂




Unorthodox Spot-on

It all started by watching a TV Programme.

I just watched a TV Programme revealing something new to me about New York. It is about Jewish community in the Borough Park, Brooklyn. It has been known that New York has the largest Jewish community in the world outside Israel.

I live in a place where I don’t get to see Jewish people much. In fact, the place where I am living has always been predominantly inhabited by Moslem. Thus, this TV Programme successfully brought up something out of ordinary for me, humanely speaking, not religiously.

Hasidic Jews

Let’s get back to this TV Programme. The viewers, like myself was brought into a family in the area. They are Hasidic Jews, which is different with the Orthodox Jews. (Note: If you are willing to know more on the differences, you can hop on Google. I am not here to discuss or even confront people with their beliefs). The family is consisted of 1 husband, 1 wife with 6 kids. Hasidic Jews are pretty recognisable by the way they dressed, especially men. I have seen some in pictures and films too before this. They usually wear black attire with a hat, long sideburn and long beard. They are easy to spot in the crowd. While women are not that easy because they dress normally, aside from covering up some part of their body like collar bones. And what is pretty shocking to me is women are not allowed to show their hair in the public so they will always be wearing wigs wherever they are. And as if it is not shocking enough to me, husband and wife relationship can be publicly displayed. They are not allowed to touch each other unless in their own private bedroom. I like how this couple tried to explain to viewers the deep meaning behind this. It is that to appreciate the connection and to get in touch more with our souls than merely with physical contact.

This family doesn’t have any television and no internet connectivity at all. In fact, none of the kids living in the house has never watched TV. The eldest one (17 years old) mentioned that he saw a picture of a television before but never actually seen it in person. None of the family member ever heard of Beyonce, Miley Cyrus or even Mickey Mouse! But, you know what? They all seem really fulfilled. They spend their quality time with family and they have plenty of time for it. They enjoy each other’s company. In their spare time, they’ll read books and dance with each other!

This is amazing. With these days’ advanced technology and gadgets, people like this still exist. I personally can not take my hands off of any gadget or even Internet connectivity. Hell, I even use my laptop and Internet connection to get this blog through.

The wife mentioned about how she’s grateful with what she had at the moment. They don’t have the mainstream media making them feel inferior about themselves and being pushed to fulfil the so-called standard living. Human just won’t get any satisfaction that easily. There is always something more. And human has always been impulsive with new stuffs. She is right. I feel what she said right there. I love gadgets and Internet. In fact, I live and breathe them. There is always new suff coming. And when it comes out, suddenly you see yourself living insufficiently because lacking of that particular new stuff in life. But by seeing this Programme, I think something clearly needs to be mended.

Sense of fulfilment clearly comes from a realisation that we have had enough.